Life Sciences Program for Home School Students

10 Week Course on Life Sciences

This course is science based with a little fun thrown in for learning!  The focus is on the basics of life sciences which serve as crucial building blocks to more in-depth science subjects.  The fee includes materials used during the course, notebook, 1.5 hours of educational learning, vocabulary lists and so on.  As well, students may elect to go beyond what they learn during the course and study specific topics they are interested in.  Classes are structured by age.

Fess for the class are $100 per student / $80 for siblings.  Class size is limited to 7 – 10 students so sign up today!  To secure a spot please plan on paying half of the course fee upfront.  You can do so at Helper City Public Library or by contacting Carly Yates at 435-553-5515 to register today!

Carly Yates has a BS in Biology Composite Teaching with a minor in Chemistry.  She has also secured an endorsement in integrated science from Utah State University in 2009.  Carly has extensive teaching experience and has developed the schedule presented below for the different age groups.  We hope you will join us in expanding your child’s knowledge about all things scientific!

Ages 12 – 17 will meet Tuesdays 9:30 – 11:00 in the library.  Topics included below:

Sept 13 – Scientific Method

Sept 20 – Science Processes

Sept 27 – Metric System

Oct 4 – Chemistry of Living Things

Oct 11 – Cells

Oct 18 – Classification

Oct 25 – 5 Kingdoms

Nov 1 – Heredity & DNA

Nov 8 – Ecology

Nov 15 – Environmental Issues

Ages 6 – 12 will meet Wednesdays 9:30 – 11:00 in the library.  Topics included below:

Sept 14 – Scientific Method

Sept 21 – Science Process

Sept 28 – Metric System/Measurement

Oct 5 – Chemistry of Living Things

Oct 12 – Cells

Oct 19 – Classification

Oct 26 – 5 Kingdoms

Nov 2 – Heredity and DNA

Nov 9 – Ecology

Nov 16 – Environmental Issues