Public Relations Policy


The Helper Library exists to provide quality library services to the citizens of Helper. In order to meet this responsibility it is important that the library establish effective relationships with the public so that the public is familiar with the policies, practices and services offered by the library. It is the policy of the Helper Library that methods and activities be employed by the library to promote a favorable relationship with the public.

Library Director Responsibilities
The library director will be responsible to develop, and maintain a public relations program that will implement methods and activities designed to promote a favorable relationship with the public and the elected officials of the city.

Library Board Responsibilities
The library board will be responsible for developing policies that support the public relations program of the library. The library board will support the director of the library in representing the library before the general public and the elected officials of the City of Helper.

Friends of the Library
The Friends of the Library, in coordination with the library director and the library board, will be responsible for (when appointed):
Raising money for special projects and expansions not covered by the operating
Sponsoring programs designed to contribute to the cultural life of the community.
Volunteering work in the library on specific projects.
Raising public awareness of library services and promoting public relations.

Patron Behavior Policy Statement
All people are welcome to use the library and have access to information and library resources. In order to protect library users’ right of access, ensure the safety of users and staff, and protect library resources and facilities, the library prohibits activities that are illegal, interfere with the use of enjoyment of the library by others, present health or security risks, damage library resources, or disrupt the normal flow of library operations.

Patron Behavior
If patron behavior interferes with the use of the library or disrupts the normal flow of library operations but does not require external intervention immediately, the library employee with the assistance of another employee will follow these steps:
Inform the patron that the behavior is inappropriate and if it is not stopped, they will be asked to leave.
Ask the patron to leave if the inappropriate behavior does not stop.
Call the police (911) if the patron refuses to leave or becomes threatening in any way.
File an incident report with the director of the library.

Behaviors That Are Prohibited or Inappropriate in the Library

Destruction of property (either that of other patrons, staff, or the library).
Physical abuse (such as an altercation between two patrons or physically abusive
Behavior directed at a staff member).
Threatening other; brandishing or displaying weapons
Extreme obscene language and verbal abuse.
Consuming liquor or using illegal drugs on library premises.
Soliciting for immoral purposes or for patronage (panhandling).

Other Unacceptable Conduct in the Library

Eating and drinking outside of the designated lounge area.
Conducting unauthorized sales or charitable solicitations in the library.
Excessive noise.
Eccentric behavior.

Helper City Library Emergencies/Unusual Situations Policy Statement

Emergencies are unforeseen circumstances that generally call for immediate action. When an emergency of any kind occurs anywhere in the library, the number one concern is to protect and preserve human life. The secondary concern is to protect and preserve the collections and equipment used to provide library services.

When emergency circumstances require that service to the public be interrupted, restoration of public library service should occur as soon as the building can be safely occupied.

It is the policy of the library to follow the Emergency Acton Plan for the building as established by the City of Helper in dealing with all major emergencies.


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