Library Board Meeting Minutes

Helper City Library Meeting Minutes March 28, 2019 at 5:30 PM

A. Roll call of members- all present except for Colleen Roberson who was excused.

B. Disposition of minutes of previous regular meeting: Minutes were unanimously approved without changes.

D. Director’s report of the library:

1. Re-certification including planned trainings.  Upcoming trainings: April 11       orientation, Uplift April 24-25. Jessica Whetman from the state library will be here in May. She may do trustee training and help with strategic planning.

2. Budget- The library has $4,500 of CLEF Grant funds to spend by June 30.  Half of it is spent on patron requested items. There is a book man who sold $1,000 worth of art books. The board questioned this sale as there were plans for an art reading room. The money must be put in the city budget. Lenise will contact a lawyer to write a Memorandum of Understanding so this money will be a separate line item in the budget.

3. Wellington and Bookmobile collections- both collections are in the library. The audio, movie and Play Aways have been shelved. Volunteer day to help with shelving went well. There were 8 volunteers who worked 4 hours Diana stressed that all duplicates are being boxed.

D. Committee reports

1. DSO Club (including possible checking account) – Lenise reported Dark Skies application was submitted. It will be provisional. The next viewing is April 6 at 8 p.m. by the cemetery. The meeting will be at 7 p.m. in the library. The Helper Art Alliance turned down the DSO’s request to join them. They suggested DSO have a Memorandum of Understanding between the city and the club be written by a lawyer to specify how funds will be spent. This way the club will have access to funds raised. The money raised at the bake sale and shirt sale will be brought from a private residence to the library.

2. Friends of the Library- Michelle presented documents printed from the ALA website on the relationship of a Friends of the Library group and a library. It was suggested that a meeting be set up with a representative of the Friends group, the city, the library and the library board to assist the Friends group. Lenise offered assistance in setting up a 501(C)(3). Diana will contact the Friends leader and set up the meeting.

E. Public presentation to, or discussion with the Board- None given

F. Other items of interest to the Library

1. We need to beef up our Collection Policy. The sale of the art books is the second time books were weeded not following policy by a single person. Discussion of weeding and what is a classic followed. It was decided to change the policy to have a person from the board and a person from the library approve the books that will be removed from the collection. Also Michelle expressed concern for the future Faces of Helper Collection. It was decided that such a collection will be permanent and the Collection Policy be changed to reflect this.

2. Two grants applied – We did not get the Kid’s Money Grant. We have not heard about the Faces of Helper Community Memory Grant.

3. Are we not a county library? What is a county library? Michelle present documents from the state library website. A county library uses county funds and has a county representative on the board. A city library uses city funds and has a city representative on the board. We are a city library. We do not want to be a county library as they have been cutting community services from their budget such as the Bookmobile. Michelle stated that the county gives Price Library $4500 a year for county people that use the Price Library. We will eventually have branches around the county as soon as we get Bookmobile and Wellington books shelved.

4. Eagle Scout project- Joy reported it is in process. We hope to eventually have community libraries around the county.

5.  Suicide group- Lenore spoke of concerns. She wanted to find out what causes people to not complete suicide. She was referred to Cecelia Jensen at Four Corners and Health Department.

6. Bird Club- Diana reported that we have bird books. We just need to notify the community and see if there is interest.

7. Volunteer Day was March 23 – Volunteers worked from 9 to 1. Diana was pleased with the results. She is not interested in a second volunteer day to shelve books at this time.

8. Inventory- Michelle has completed the inventory of the front of the library. She is waiting for the donated books to be shelved before completing the project. This will help with future grant writing.

9. Summer projects- The summer reading program is about space. Phyllis has volunteered to run the program.

10. PAWS- Michelle said the PAWS dogs will be available for the summer reading program for older kids. The kids must read to the dogs.

11. Online Computer Access Policy- The state is requiring an updated policy. Diana reported our current policy is good as written. It was approved summer of 2019.

G. Adjournment- Meeting was adjourned at 7:15.

Helper City Library Meeting Minutes January 31, 2019

A. Roll call of members- Colleen Roberson,  Amanda Wheeler and Lenise Peterman were absent. Everyone else was present.

B. Disposition of minutes of previous regular meeting: Minutes were unanimously approved without changes.

C. Election of officers and set meeting schedule for the year. Michelle Goldsmith was unanimously voted Chair. Mark Wickman was unanimously voted Vice Chair. The meeting schedule for 2019 was set as the last Thursday of January, March, May, July, September and November at 5:30.

D. Director’s report of the library:

1. Budget- The library has $4,500 of CLEF Grant funds to spend by June 30. It was suggested that patron wish list books, bird books for a possible birding club and director wish list books be ordered.

2. Concerns-

a. IT and following chain of command. Michelle reviewed the procedure. It works well when it is followed. There was a problem with the UEN person, but they are now aware of the procedure.

b. Literacy- Discussion of need in the community. The library could partner with the middle school to provide homework help and assistance. No one is aware of specific adults with problems. If we set up literacy assistance, we can apply for a Dollar General Grant.

c. PAWS- If we have school aged patrons who would like to read to dogs, we can arrange for them to come visit.

d. The Bookmobile ends March 31. No one is sure what will happen to the Bookmobile equipment. The mayor is aware of the issue and will contact the state when necessary.

3.  Things that are going good.- The established programs are doing well. The Science Club wants to make pancakes.

D. Committee reports

1. DSO Club – The club has new officers. Lenore Callor is chair and Mark Wickman is vice chair. There is a bake sale planned for Feb. 9. Please bring baked goods to Balance Rock. Lenore has ordered a few incentives and  T-shirts are being printed to see if there community has an interest in buying them. Discussion on where to put the funds. The Friends of the Library group is not a 501C3. Their leadership is going through changes with some key people moving out of the area. If we put the money in the city account would we need a purchase order? Should we just open a checking account? Lenore will research this and speak to Jona at city hall.

2. Grants – There is a traveling show called “Thinking Money for Kids” due February 8. It was thought Michelle should apply for it.

E. Public presentation to, or discussion with the Board- None given

F. Other items of interest to the Library

  1. Staff evaluations- There have been staff changes  (Diana is now director and Phyllis is now library assistant) so the due date for evaluations was moved to July 31, 2019
  2. New Director- Diana Grant started at the new director last Monday. She would like to open the library on Fridays from 10-4. She checked with the city and they have no problem with the added 6 hours. The library will be open Fridays beginning February 1, 2019. The Board recommended that no library assistant should have more hours than the director.
  3. Possible new bird-watching club. A notice will be put on the back of the bill and on social media to see if there is interest.
  4. Possible suicide prevention group at the library. We will start one if there is interest.
  5. Scouts. They are working on neighbor library kiosks. We will support and help them as needed.

Meeting adjourned at 6:55. Next meeting March 28 at 5:30 pm.



Helper City Library Meeting Minutes November 29, 2018

A. Roll Call of Members: Meeting called to order at 5:35. All present except Amanda Wheeler

B. Disposition of minutes of previous regular meeting: Minutes were unanimously approved without changes.

C. Director’s report of Library:

  1. Re-certification training: No date set. Phyllis has called Jessica Whetman for dates for 6 months. The state has had changes and needs to reorganize. Phyllis requested Michelle review by-laws instead.
  2. Budget: Phyllis has spent 1/4-1/2 of the budget. We are running out of space and need more bookshelves. Mark suggested old shelves. Michelle suggested the state reuse items site.  We have closed out the tech grant and the DSO grant. Phyllis questioned when we would be paid for ACA grant. Michelle said the check will be coming and to proceed with hiring someone to advertise ACA assistance at the library.
  3. Increased circulation: Our circulation has increased the last two months.
  4. The library has partnered with Early Intervention for toddler time.: Phyllis explained the process of the partnership. Early Intervention is a service of Four Corners Mental Health. This year’s toddler time consists of 1-6 toddlers.
  5. Bookmobile: The state has extended funding for the Bookmobile until the end of March. They are hoping the new county commissioners will fund the Bookmoble. Michelle said the County Commissioners are cutting the Senior Center one day a week and it is unlikely they will fund the Bookmobile. Michelle’s grant for transitioning services from the Bookmobile to Helper Library was denied. She can reapply when the situation is settled.
  6. Tech Grant: Everything has been bought and installed. Michelle spoke of problems with virus protectors and the router. Michelle will contact the IT consultant.
  7. DSO Club: Next meeting is Jan. 12. The club needs to elect officers (President, Vice President and Secretary/Treasurer. Lenore spoke of an eclipse of the moon in January. She also mentioned a few T-shirts will be made to see if there is interest in them as a fund raiser. Michelle has the meeting minutes and future events on the library’s webpage. Phyllis spoke of low attendance. Michelle said it will pick up when were get out Dark Skies designation. Lenore said Paul Ricketts will be sending her some advertising materials as well as minor advertising in Salt Lake City.
  8.  ACA Grant: Michelle is at the library Tuesday and Wednesday evenings until Dec. 15. Phyllis spoke of advertising and payment concerns.

D. Committee Reports

  1. Review Library By-laws: Michelle read the By-laws.
  2. Review Strategic Plan and assess progress on community goals.

Goal #1 Community Resources and Services: We have DSO Club, Toddler Time and ACA Services. We are doing well in this area.

Goal #2 Discover Your Roots/Culturral Awareness: Computer ancestry has not been successful. Michelle is involves with Faces of Helper and spoke of need to partner Helper’s historical culture with the newer residents. Lenore spoke of block parties and meet your neighbors. Maybe the library could host a block party?

Goal #3 Implement Adult Focused Programming: The board really likes the thought of a book club. There is not a lot of community interest. There are already a couple of book clubs in the community that have been going for several years. The board may do one themselves. We have the DSO club for adults and kids.

E. Public presentation and discussion

Donation of near death experiences books: Several books have been donated. It was suggested that they be rotated if there isn’t enough shelf space. There is enough community interest to keep them.

Dollar General: Michelle has applied for this grant in the past. It was denied because we don’t have anyone who is interested in learning to read coming to the library at this time. If this changes, she will reapply.

Friends of the Library: The leadership is struggling because several leaders have moved away. We can help by volunteering at their events. We can also advertise for patrons and residents to join them in the next city bill. They need to invite older members of the public to join them.

Next year we can do a DSO float for the light parade if we chose to. We need some time to plan this.

We will be decorating the library at 6 pm Monday for the holidays. This should be done before the auditorium’s holiday events Dec. 7 & 8.

Meeting adjourned at 6:54 pm.


Helper City Library Meeting Minutes Sept. 27, 2018

approved meeting minutes

Meeting called to order at 5:38 pm.

A. Roll Call of Members: Present were Mark Wickman, Colleen Curtis, Joy Bradley, Phyllis Andrus, Lenise Peterman and Lenora Callor were present. Michelle Goldsmith phoned in. Amanda Wheeler was absent. Mark conducted the meeting in Michelle’s absence.

B. Disposition of minutes of previous regular meeting. Minutes were approved without changes.

C. Agenda has been changed from what Michelle submitted. Michelle explained her minutes followed the Bylaws. Phyllis stated she submitted a different order to be published to the public and that is what we should follow.

Director’s report:

  1. Re-certification training. Jessica will talk with Phyllis next week. Getting dates from Jessica Whetman for training.
  2. Item budget will increase to $2000. Budget is good.
  3. Increased circulation.
  4. The library has partnered with Early Intervention for toddler time.
  5. New hire- Lauren Hanson. Strategic Plan given to new hire and the policies will be read during down times.
  6. Bookmobile- The last day is Dec. 31, 2018. Discussion on what we can do to help places such as East Carbon City.
  7. Tech grant- Barry Horsely, Helper City IT person was at the library Sept. 14 and completed installing several items on the tech grant list. He will come again to complete the list.

D. Strategic Plan

  1. Goal #1: Community Resources and Services. The library is working on getting a better display. We are waiting on the new second staff computer to get installed. Mark questioned whether staff has time to work on goals.
  2. Goal #2: Discover Your Roots/Cultural Awareness. The patron computers will have “FamilySearch” link to research geneology online. Patrons will be refered to the museum for other cultural awareness.
  3. Goal #3: Implement Adult Focused Programming. DSO club has begun. It is off to a good start with 40 adults at the first club meeting.An adult book club was discussed. Ideas were E book book club and Great American Read. Phyllis will check the list and see if any books would work for the library.

E. Reviewing the library Bylaws. The Bylaws were approved in July by the city council and then the library board. They are posted on the library’s website and available in the library. Nothing needs to be done for a year.

F. We are hoping the city website will help us out with

G. DSO club- Do we want to be a 501C3? Discussion. The Helper Arts Fest is a 501C3. We could partner with them. What happens to donations to go to city accounts? There is concern because historically donations are not tracked and no one knows where the money goes. Check Jona’s Excel. Amanda Wheeler can ask for monthly Excel sheet showing where the library’s money goes. This is especially critical for donations. Grant spending. Michelle reported according to Rachel Cook we have $200 left on the astronomy grant which needs to be spent by Friday. Mark worked on this but Phyllis told him to stop. Phyllis will call Jona and Rachel to see if we can still order items.

DSO Shirts- Lenora spoke DSO black shirts. We will take orders and have shirts made. Paul Rickets will donate posters. Discussion of logistics of selling shirts. The library will notify the city of the club’s need to use the auditorium. The library is responsible for scheduling.

H. Community reports

  1. Friends of the Library. No representative at meeting. Discussion of whether they should become a 501C3.
  2. Mr. Spendlove Eagle scout project. East Carbon would be a better choice for the neighborhood book project. They are loosing the bookmobile and will need assistance.
  3. Tourism. Phyllis sometimes gives tours of the auditorium. We have some materials and refer to museum if we don’t have something.
  4. USU Eastern Gallery East has a photo exhibit about the coal camps.
  5. Meet the candidates will happen at USU Eastern this year.
  6. Paranormal ghost stories for Halloween. Lenora has lots of great ideas. Creating a book called paranormal to raise money for the library. She will need to get approval from the city.

I. Meeting Adjourned at 7 pm.


Helper City Library Board of Trustee of Helper City
Minutes of July 26, 2018 meeting


  1. Call to order: Meeting called to order at 5:30.
  2. Roll Call:Phyllis Andrus, Joy Bradley, Colleen Curtiss and Michelle Goldsmith were present.Mark Wickman, Amanda Wheeler were excused.Lita Riley and Corrine Flores asked to resign. Their resignations were accepted.Lenore Callor asked to join the board. Michelle motioned, Joy seconded to have Lenore Callor join the board. Motion was unanimous.
  3. Approval of minutes from May 24, 2018 meeting: Joy motioned, Colleen seconded. Motion to approve meeting minutes was unanimous.
  4. Director’s Report:Bookmobile: It is going away Dec. 31, 2018. We need to prepare. Helper Library weeded many books and shelves for the bookmobile and it needs to keep bookmobile items. Phyllis explained that since half of the books in the library are technically bookmobile books, we should not be penalized during re-certification. The total number of combined Bookmobile and Helper books checked out of Helper library is within re-certification standards.Budget: The total budget last year was $49,350. Phyllis spent $8527 on books and technology item. $4900 came from a grant and $3627 came from the city.Re-certification Standards: No date has been set for Jessica Whetman to come down and do trustee training. Michelle and Phyllis may schedule a date to do this with the board.
  5. Webpage up and running: Michelle has been putting items on the web page as she has become aware of them. Staff needs to inform her of happenings.
  6. Book house: Joy reported that there is a boy scout that would like to make this his Eagle project. Number and placement of book houses was discussed. One for each side of town, one near the library and one at the new campground.
  7. DSO club: Michelle reported that meetings have gone well. Books and telescopes have been purchased. Discussion of where to put the telescopes for the public to rent them as the library’s hours are limited. Lenore suggested a house she and Ed own across from the gas station. Different volunteers could meet patrons to check out and return telescopes. Sign up for DSO club will be during the arts festival. The first meeting will be September 14.
  8. October Hamilton award: No one on city council or library board knew of this. Phyllis has 3 days warning. These types of events need to be passed on to city council and library board even if there is short notice. People cannot attend what they do not know about. October got the award for collecting signatures for saving the Bookmobile.
  9. Helper Art, Music and Film Festival: Phyllis was not sure what the library had planned. The library would be open its regular hours.
  10. Bylaws: Joy moved and Colleen seconded to accept the changes the city made to the bylaws. The motion was unanimous.
  11. Strategic Plan: Michelle reviewed the Strategic Plan. Goal #1: Community Resources and Services. Discussion of placement of materials. Goal #2: Discover Your Roots/Cultural Awareness. We need to work on this. Kate Kilpatrick-Miller is recording Helper’s older people. Goal #3: Implement Adult Focused Programming. We are working on DSO club.
  12. Discussion: Paranormal activity of the historic buildings was discussed. Selling shirts, posters, postcards and giving tours of historic buildings with town history was also discussed. QR codes at historic places where tourists can access history and information was discussed.
  13. Close: Joy motioned and Colleen seconded. Meeting adjourned at 7:10.